Geri's Work of Arch, LLC

24 West Division Street

Manteno, IL  60950


I am a nurse with over 27 years of medical experience and over 5 years of permanent make-up experience.  My passion in life is to help everyone feel better in their skin.  I also believe everyone should be able to afford to feel better.

Geri's Work of Arch, LLC has also extended into alternative healthcare modalities.  This portion of my business is under the name of Orenda Health, LLC.  You can find this website at:

I have also recently partnered with an independently licensed Nurse Practitioner to be my medical director.  I chose to partner with Sarah because she share my same beliefs. We just want to help people and help them feel better.

I believe in education and I am also looking at the next modality that can help individuals in our little community.  I am always researching and discovering new things, and then I begin the investigative work,  "Cuz the proof is in the pudding"! We are alway willing and able to help you and provide you with information. 

This is my passion!

I would love to help you with your journey of being  best version of your self on this crazy ride we call life!!!